CoaXPress is the second standard, developed after Camera Link. It basically consists in power, data and control for the device sent through a coaxial cable.

Speed. A single cable can transmit up to 781.25 MB/s from the device to the frame grabber and 20 Mbit/s of control data from the frame grabber to the remote device, that is 5-6 times the GigE bandwidth. Some models can run also at half speed (390.625 MB/s). At present, up to 4 cables can be connected in parallel to the frame grabber, reaching a maximum bandwidth of approx. 1800 MB/s.

Costs. In the simplest case, CoaXPress uses a single coaxial line to transmit data, and coaxial cables are a simple and low-cost solution. On the other hand, a frame grabber is needed, i.e. an additional card must be installed, resulting in an additional cost on the system.

Cables. Maximum cable length is 40 m at full bandwidth, or 100 m at half bandwidth.

Power over cable. Voltage supply provided goes up to 13 W at 24 V, that is enough for many cameras.

CPU usage. CoaXPress, just like Camera Link, uses frame grabbers, which transfer images to computer as stand-alone modules, i.e. this standard is very light on consuming the system CPU.

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